What is it?
Workplace transformation begins with HP DaaS to enhance, improve and optimise the way
organisations acquire, manage and use technology. Giving IT a more strategic role.
HP Device as a Service enables predictability, security and transformation within the workplace,
to combine innovative devices, lifecycle services and HP expertise into an all-inclusive solution.
  Why DaaS is in-demand  
  Keep devices current and secure
Avoid vulnerabilities by consistently providing current, in-demand devices with regular refreshes—monitored, secured and policy-compliant at all times.
  Meet budget demands
Easily predict costs and precisely manage total cost of ownership.
  Manage volatility
Keep devices and services consistent across all departments and locations to help things run smoothly for all employees and effectively deal with the constant change in your growing business.
  How does it work?  
Enhance device
Built in security and regular
refresh cycles create a new
model for acquiring technology,
leading to improved cash flow
and predictable ownership costs.
• Strategically trusted
• End-of-life safe
• Financial intelligence
  Improve device management
Benefit from global consistency, expertise and single point accountability. A customisable
service allows: configuration,
refresh, improved end-user
support and reduced costs.
• Lifecycle assistance
• Secure devices
• One point of contact
  Optimise device usage
Delight end users and transform workplaces with productive,
secure and always-ready devices. Monitor devices with HP Proactive Intelligence to anticipate problems
and optimise both fleet performance
and productivity.
• Lifecycle productivity
• Analytical insight
• Customisable
• Workplace optimisation
  Make the switch from buying to subscribing  
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