Epson Genuine Ink



Some things just work better together. That's why Epson offers the complete printing solution of printer, ink and media.

Epson inks are specifically designed to work with Epson printers. They are produced to stringent quality control standards that enable Epson to guarantee the optimum performance of the printer, ink and media. As it's not possible to test and evaluate all non-genuine inks, any malfunctions caused as a result of using these inks may invalidate the printer warranty.

Save up to 30% ink¹ with Epson’s individual ink cartridges.

For many years, Epson has promoted the benefits of individual inks over tri-colour cartridges. We understand that our customers don’t always print equal amounts of each colour and often, colours can run out at different times. With combined colour cartridges, you may end up throwing away the entire cartridge when just one colour runs out, meaning you also throw away any ink remaining in the other colours. But with Epson’s individual inks you only have to replace the colour used, saving you ink. Epson’s individual ink cartridges offer up to a 30% saving¹ compared to competitors’ tri-colour cartridges. So next time you’re considering buying a new printer, make sure you ask for a printer that uses Epson’s individual ink cartridges.



Epson offers a choice of standard or XL ink cartridges across its latest Claria and DURABrite Ultra Ink ranges.

By offering an XL ink cartridge option, we are able to help reduce the cost per page of printing. On average, using an XL ink cartridge reduces your overall printing cost by 25%². Standard sized cartridges are more suitable when you want to keep replacement costs low or if you print infrequently. XL inks are ideal if you print high volumes and are happy to make a bigger upfront investment in order to reduce the cost per page printed.

¹ Compared to competitors’ equivalent printer models ≤100€/£ using tri-colour cartridges. Testing carried out by BLI, May 2014. Weighting for Document (87%)and Photo (13%) printing based on TNS 'Printing Usage & Attitudes Study', June 2013. For more information, please visit

²Comparison based on the average cost per page for standard vs. XL inks: Claria Home Ink (18/18XL), Claria Premium Ink (26/26XL), Claria Photographic Ink (24/24XL) and DURABrite Ultra Ink (T129/T130, 16/16XL and 27/27XL).