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  Deal Registration

Changes to Deal Registration Criteria

From March 1st Microsoft have announced the criteria change on Deal registration minimum quantity. The Minimum Device quantity now to obtain Deal registration support is 25 units, this is down from the previous threshold of 50 units. (available on devices only)



Intended to reward One Partner for Investment of resources and time spent to develop and support Device Wins for eligible products and customer base. In other words this allows the partner to lock an opportunity at the early stage and own it during the entire sales cycle.

Offer: % OFF Net MSRP, Can Vary based on device and Model

Eligible Devices: Surface Pro, Surface Pro LTE, Surface Book 2, Surface Studio, and Surface Laptop

Order Qty Range: > 50 units for Surface Pro, Pro LTE, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop >25 units for Surface Studio

Partner Eligibility: First Partner in with the BATN secures registration (Budget, Authority/Decision Maker / Need / Timeframe)

Deal Stacking: Can be stacked with Bid Grid / Sepcial Pricing on Eligible Models



Microsoft Surface Deal Registration Form

Please download, complete and send form to [email protected].

If anything is left incomplete this will delay your request from being dealt with within the 48 hour approval
SLA from Microsoft.





Bid Grid Support Pricing is still available and is the best way to receive instant discount on Surface product on multiple unit purchases.

The discount is offered on multiples of units on the following unit break downs:

  1-4 Units 5-24 Units 25-49 Units 50-99 Units 100-249 Units 250+ Units  

Eligible Devices: Surface Pro, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop and Surface Pen

Partner Eligibility: End User Opportunities Only

This discount is valid on Standard devices only, and not on education or accessory options. Pricing is visible through InTouch and on request via your Account Manager.

Education Discounts


Microsoft are now offering discounts on individual devices to education customers - Available on the following Surface Pro device lines:

Part Code Manu Number Product Education Discount
4310516 FJS-00002 Surface Pro M, 128GB, 4GB £53.00 per device
4310515 FJU-00002 Surface Pro i5, 128GB, 4GB £65.00 per device
4310514 FJY-00002 Surface Pro i5, 256GB, 8GB £83.00 per device
4310513 FKG-00002 Surface Pro i7, 256GB, 8GB £103.00 per device
4310512 FKJ-00002 Surface Pro i7, 512GB, 16GB £143.00 per device
4310511 FKL-00002 Surface Pro i7, 1TB, 16GB £176.00 per device
View on InTouch

The customer can then choose which accessory lines they require separately, however please note there are NO discounts available to the accessories.

Terms & Conditions

  • For each order using education discount we require the EDUCATION end user details
  • Bid Grid and Special can NOT be used in conjunction with Education discount
  • Deal registration IS available to stack with Education discount on registered opportunities
  • Education discount is ONLY available for education based end users – not public sector or charity groups
Special Pricing


Designed to evaluate larger volume opportunities to enable incremental discounts that may be needed to close these larger opportunities.

Offer: Varies (% off net MSRP) based on the Volume / Business Value / Product

Eligible Devices: Surface Pro 4, Surface 3, Surface Book

Order Qty Range: > 500 units for Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface 3

Partner Eligibility: Open to all ADR's - uses BANT to process requests
(Budget/Authority/Decision Maker/Need/Timeframe)

Deal Stacking: Can be stacked with Deal Registration on Eligible Models

  Loan Scheme &
Demo Unit Program

Loan Device: Tech Data holds devices across the Surface family that can be loaned for 1 week loan periods. These are available to assist with deal closure for opportunities around 50 devices or over.

Demo / NFR Device: If your customer requires a product for demo purposes on longer term then they can take advantage of the Demo/NFR programme. This allows the customer where there is an associated deal registration opportunity to purchase 1 x device at 50% off RRP.

  For further information please contact: 
[email protected] | Phone: 07825 899213

Alternatively please contact: 
[email protected]