Surface as a Service
The flexible route to digital transformation

SaaS Available through
TD Optimise

TD Optimise makes it simple, quick and easy for your customers to acquire hardware, software and services through a technology-as-a-service rather than a traditional capital purchase.

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Surface as a Service allows you build a Surface Package choosing from Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices, adding in software solutions, accessories to suit your device and Service plans to keep your customers covered. Once you’ve built your package, simply choose the right monthly payment plan choosing from 12, 24, 36 month options and we’ll come back to you with a tailored price.

  Benefits for Partners  
  TD Optimise opens the doors for an ongoing revenue stream which is fully customizable to meet the needs of your unique target markets and allow you to become a part of the digital transformation that subscription services offer.

It presents value add opportunities for you to:
  • Make more, Sell More
    • Control the margin you want to make whilst giving your customer the solution they require over a weekly, monthly or quarterly based fee rather than upfront cost.

  • Shorten your customers technology refresh cycle and build annuity pipeline when.

  • Build your full as a service requirement with Surface devices and multivendor additions. This eliminates the need to produce multiple subscription packages for your customer.
  How does it work?  
  1. Sign up to Tech Data Optimise  
  2. Log in to InTouch to select your
2. Surface devices
  3. Add Accessories and Support options  
  4. Add any further items you require
4. (Multi-vendor is no issue)
  5. Once you have built your basket go
5. to checkout
  6. Hit “Build Subscription”  
  7. Add your services and solution costs  
  8. Input your margin and select your
8. payment schedule
  9. Your Surface as a Service package is
9. now available
  For more information contact us here or email us at [email protected]